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Wed, Feb 26, 2020
Passage: Jonah 4:7-9
Duration: 1 hr 19 mins 19 secs
Without the injection of God's Word, His grace, and His Spirit into our lives - and our submission to them - we all wither, like Jonah. God's love is seen in the steps He takes to show Jonah his self-willed condition.
Sun, Feb 23, 2020
Passage: Romans 12:12 & 2 Corinthians 6:2
Duration: 58 mins 34 secs
No matter where we are, we can call on the Lord and He will deliver us. It's never too late. Today is the day to call upon Him.
Sun, Feb 16, 2020
Passage: Romans 13:6-7
Duration: 59 mins 59 secs
A challenging perspective on funding government through the various taxes we pay.
Sun, Feb 09, 2020
Passage: Romans 13:3-5
Duration: 56 mins 24 secs
Human government was ordained by God to give us order and due process. God wants us to live in peace, knowing we're in His hands.
Sun, Feb 02, 2020
Passage: Romans 13:1-2
Duration: 55 mins 43 secs
When confronting our personal responsibility to be subject to the earthly powers that be, remember God Himself is the power that is over all.
Wed, Jan 29, 2020
Passage: Jonah 4:4-6
Duration: 1 hr 7 mins 24 secs
Jonah is finding solace in petty comforts and the hope that Nineveh's repentance will not be sustainable. Only God, in His tenacious love, can remedy what is wrong in Jonah's heart.
Sun, Jan 19, 2020
Passage: Romans 12:19-21
There are many injustices in our present world that we might become fixated on, or frustrated with. How can we live in peace with so much wrong doing all around us?
Wed, Jan 15, 2020
Passage: Jonah 4:1-3
Duration: 1 hr 13 mins 22 secs
The Lord lays open the heart of the prophet Jonah to reveal what is diseased and keeping him far from God's heart, disconnected from God's mission.
Sun, Jan 12, 2020
Passage: Romans 12:16-18
Duration: 50 mins 18 secs
Since verse 9, these commands are all to help us deal with others and to correct our attitude. None of them come naturally to us. We need the mind of Christ, a renewed mind in His Word, to know how to apply these truths in our daily relationships.
Sun, Jan 05, 2020
Passage: Romans 12:13-15
Duration: 57 mins 46 secs
Are you a giver, or a taker? We must humble ourselves to give every part of ourselves for the Lord's use.
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