COVID-19 Update: 
Jackson County mandates for public health require everyone attending to abide by the posted social distancing guidelines, which includes wearing a mask. 
If you need prayer or would like to talk to someone during this season of social distancing, please contact us. Our prayer is that we would all draw near to the Lord Jesus Christ, take comfort from His Word, and continue being active ministers of His grace and truth.

Our Ministry
At Simplicity Bible Church, our primary focus in ministry is to facilitate your faith. We want to help strengthen your personal relationship with the Lord through His Word. As your faith grows, we hope to equip you in the ministry of reconciliation: helping others grow in faith. Learn more about our current teaching series by clicking the links below.

  Overcoming Strongholds     

Our Authority
The Bible, the Word of God, is our absolute authority and final standard for truth. We will only teach and preach from the Authorized King James version because it has specific, personal wording and preserved accuracy missing from every other modern day translation. And contrary to some misconceptions, it's easy to understand!

Our Priority
While we believe and teach ALL of the Bible, we are careful to teach it in its proper context. This eliminates any supposed "contradictions" in the Bible and helps believers understand the differences in doctrine taught throughout the Word of God. It's important to understand while all the Bible is FOR us, it's not all written TO us. Paul's writings (Romans through Philemon) are for this specific dispensation or time period, and they establish our doctrine. God will hold us accountable for this specific doctrine at the Judgment Seat of Christ.